How to shop over the internet without a credit card.

If you don’t have a credit card yet, either because you don’t want it, you’re holding back your expenses, or because it hasn’t been approved by banks, today you find out how to shop online without a credit card.

Are you crazy about that internet discontent or that outfit you didn’t find in any other store? But do you remember that you do not have a credit card or was not approved by your bank? Do not give up hope, you still have some options to buy on the internet without credit card.

Have you heard of prepaid card? Some people may even find that this type of card is not worth it. But we have some really cool tips for using this card and we’ll explain everything to you!

How to buy online without credit card:

How to buy online without credit card:

International Card with immediate approval

That’s right you saw above. Take a deep breath, that this tip is very good. Do you want to shop on the internet without a credit card by doing your online shopping yesterday and securing the grooms gifts on the online wedding list? Then you need a card with quick approval.

The prepaid card is the right one! Just request it and in a few days the card will arrive at the address you registered. There are no reviews or consultations with credit protection agencies.



The Mastercard Access prepaid card is a great card for you to have in your wallet. With it you can shop at thousands of establishments over the internet, in addition to international websites or even when traveling abroad.

How about taking advantage of online stores that offer that really cool discount? With the Prepaid Access Card you can! Enjoy and save even more with price comparators. With this tool, you get the lowest prices on a product you’re looking at.

And look how simple it is to use the Access card: just reload the amount you need over the internet. For example: If you are looking at a stove that costs $ 800, just reload this value on the card and make your purchase, quietly.

What’s more, starting at $ 500, you don’t pay a reload fee! And to use your prepaid card, the fee is only $ 5.00 per month, only if there is credit on the card.

Internet shopping

Internet shopping

If you still have questions, look at this super tip for you to buy online safely and without fear.

First of all is knowing which site you are on. Always look for stores that are known: Open Market, American, Submarine, Netshoes, Catwalk… They are good examples of safe trade. Always be wary of offers on sites you have never heard of.

For even more security, on the page link you will find a lock symbol followed by the word secure. And also at the bottom of the page, the company’s CNPJ.

Once you’ve searched for the product you want to buy, click buy or add to cart. Then check out or continue shopping if you still want to buy some more products.



Already in your cart, you must make the registration in the store. The required information is: name, address, email and password for the site, date of birth, social security number and phone number.

After registering it is time to close the purchase. Choose the address where the goods will be delivered, quantity, zip code for freight calculation and finally, the payment method.

If it is the card, simply select this option, enter your card number, cardholder name, expiration date and security number (which is on the back of the card).

Ready! Now just wait for the deadline the store gave you at the time of purchase. You can still track your order through the post office or shipping website, with the code provided by email as soon as your purchase is shipped.

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