Alert Characteristic Fraud Mode Personal Cash Loans!

Fraudulent fraudulent personal cash loans are on the rise. To avoid this, we can find out what personal cash fraud features are below!

Today’s technology is becoming more sophisticated. If you had to come and queue at a bank to lend money, now all the banking activities including borrowing money can be done online by relying on internet connection and gadgets just so you don’t have to go out of your way to come and queue at the bank.

Unfortunately, the advancement of this technology is also being exploited by irresponsible people such as fraudulent models of personal cash loans. It seems that personal cash loan scams often make us afraid to apply for a loan. Then shouldn’t we apply for a personal cash loan for fear of fraud? Of course not. We just have to be vigilant so that we won’t get into the scheme of fraudulent models of personal cash loans. Good Finance has several ways you can apply it:

Sending SMS

Sending SMS

The first is to be aware of sending SMS that often offers you a personal cash loan with easy terms and a fast-paced process. This mode is actually an old fashioned one. But there are still a lot of people who can be tempted to end up in this fraudulent mode.

Just think about how certain fintech companies or financial institutions offer personal cash loans totaling millions of dollars just by texting or texting. An official financial institution or fintech company will make an official offer, either through brochures or by telephone with a formal company number.

Call Offer

Offers by SMS are on the alert, so what about phone bidding? You definitely know what telemarketing is. Telemarketing is responsible for offering products or services to customers or potential customers. Offers made by telemarketing are often tempting because they are trained to persuade or persuasive to people so we can be tempted. Usually, they will say that we are a priority customer or get what they give to their chosen customers.

In the future, if we sound like they are interested, they will immediately say that the requirements you have are very easy to fulfill and that you will simply provide the data yourself. The phony scam of personal cash loans through this phone is so fast that we are not given the time to think and look at the offers they offer. Therefore, to avoid this you can close the phone connection quickly but politely. Tell me you don’t need a personal cash loan.

Send Unofficial Email

Send Unofficial Email

Ever get a personal cash loan quote email? There are several cases of fraudulent forms of personal cash lending by sending an email saying that they are from a specific bank or reputable fintech company.

You should know that a reputable fintech or reputable bank will provide you with an email with your official logo, office address, and phone number for which you can match your data through Google. If the data is not the same as the one Google has and the email address used is not the official email address of the company, then it must be fake.

Asking For Money As To Speed ​​Up The Application Process

Another feature of money lending modules is to ask for a refund as a condition for the funds you borrow to be liquid. So let’s say you borrow $ 10 million and then they ask you for $ 1 or $ 50 if you want $ 1 million to be liquid in just one day. If this happens, then it can be ascertained that you are in the mode of fraudulent personal cash loans.

Neither banks, financial institutions, nor fintech companies have solicited large amounts of funds as a condition to speed up the disbursement of loan funds. Typically all the requirements are just a photocopy of a student ID (National ID), a Personal Identification Number, a payslip or a cover letter, as well as a bank account or a copy of a savings book for the last three months.

Pop-Up ads

When we go to a specific site or blog, we often see pop-up ads offering online cash loans online. When clicked on, the page appears to be a very simple requirement with an attractive offer that we will be tempted to apply for a personal cash loan. This is something to be aware of because if a page that appears after a click is not an official page or site, then you could be in fraud mode.

For example, when a pop-up banner ad appears when you go to a particular site, and then when you click, you are instead directed to a Blogspot or WordPress site, not to the official website of Good Finance. named Good Finance.

Always Be Careful and Don’t Be lazy to Always Pay Attention


So from now on, if you are aware of these five things, you will avoid the so-called fraudulent form of personal cash loans. Being vigilant and always meticulous in reading the terms and conditions is very important to do because of these targets people who need urgent funds so they don’t pay too much attention to the precautionary measures to avoid being duped into cash lending.

So where do we want to secure a secure and trusted personal cash loan? Fortunately, there is a reputable fintech site called the Good Finance that can provide you with a secure personal cash loan since Good Finance is already registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) so all of its activities are within OJK’s control.

If so, you just need to ask how many personal cash loans you need and how much tenor time you want. After that wait for the Good Finance to confirm and verify first. If your application is accepted, then within 1-14 business days, it will be transferred by the personal account number you provided earlier. Isn’t it easy to be a dude?

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